Thursday, November 19, 2009

Santa Integrates GPS Technology

Santa has upgraded his reindeer team with the latest GPS technology. Santa said, "Although my reindeer are fully capable of finding their way to every home in the world at the speed of light, for safety and efficiency reasons, we have integrated the latest GPS technology into the nose of lead reindeer Rudolph. To be honest with you, my team of elf engineers were actually in on the original development of GPS technology and we have used it since the early 1950's. If you take a close look at Rudolph and have watched the "Rudolph" stories on television, you may have realized that we had attempted to cover the blinking red nose with black coloring, black covers, etc. It was early on that we realized covering the red blinking nose was not in our best interest." Santa went on to explain that the magic used to generate power to the blinking nose easily gave us a power source to run the GPS system. Additionally, the antlers on Rudolph are a sophisticated antennae system. The entire system not only assist in delivery of Christmas items, but more importantly, "...keeps my team from being hit by space shuttles, aircraft, and missiles." Additionally, this permits NORAD to be able to track Santa and his Christmas team.

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